19 West 52nd Street

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The third Taco Dumbo, is located at 19th West 52nd Street. This area has a rich history of night life. In fact, West 52nd was nicknamed “Swing Street” in the 1930’s because of its abundance of jazz clubs and street music. Jazz legends Miles Davis, Billie Holliday and Art Tatum all have played within a block or two of where Taco Dumbo now stands.  West 52nd remains a fixture of New York night life, and one of its most popular venues is the 21 Club, a former prohibition club that has now been visited by every United States President since FDR except for George W. Bush. 19th West 52nd is also located in one of the busiest work districts in the United States. A ten-minute walk from Grand Central, Taco Dumbo is neighbors with staples of American business and cultural history such as Rockefeller Center and the MetLife Building.

Taco Dumbo, serves these diverse communities as a destination for great food, a family atmosphere and a guaranteed good time. 





19 West  52nd Street
New York, NY 10103


All Week: 11am -9pm